Improved Interoperability of ATM Systems and Data by Implementing the SWIM Concept at SISCEAB


This Project aims at developing studies and projects that enable the implementation of the System Wide Information Management (SWIM) concept in Brazil.

The SWIM concept, advocated by the ICAO, introduces a significant change in the way information is managed throughout the life cycle of an ATM system. Its implementation aims at providing quality information to the right people, with the right systems, and at the right times. The adoption of SWIM will shift the paradigm of ATM information architecture from point-to-point data exchange to system-wide interoperability.


  • Increase the performance of the national ATM system, through the operationalization of an information platform and a management architecture that allows the exchange of data in a flexible, timely and secure manner.

Expected Benefits

  • Increased data exchange capacity in support of applications of the Collaborative Decision-Making Process (CDM) concept.
  • Enhanced safety levels.
  • Reduction of environmental impact related to CO2 emissions.