Improved Quality, Integrity and Availability of Aeronautical Information


This Project aims at developing and implementing solutions that enable the evolution to Aeronautical Information Management (AIM), ensuring accuracy, resolution, integrity, timeliness, completeness, traceability and proper format of aeronautical data and information.

Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) addresses the dynamic and integrated management of aeronautical information of interest, through the timely exchange of digital aeronautical data of guaranteed quality, in collaboration with all stakeholders.

Aeronautical Information covers all information related to aerodromes, air navigation facilities, communication and surveillance systems, air traffic management and aeronautical meteorology necessary to support flight operations.


  • Allow, through the AIM-BR Project and other initiatives, the management, production, and availability of aeronautical information in an automated way, meeting the aeronautical data quality criteria established by ICAO, EUROCAE and RTCA.
  • Enable the evolution of the centralization process for the acquisition, production, and distribution of Aeronautical Information to SISCEAB users.
  • Provide flexibility and facilitate access to aeronautical data and information through systems, Application Programming Interfaces (API) and microservices.
  • Adapt processes, tools, and systems to enable the implementation of the System Wide Information Management (SWIM) concept.

Expected Benefits

  • Ensure the integrity and accuracy of the data generated in the process of production of Aeronautical Information publications.
  • Increase in the success rate in the production of Aeronautical Information publications.
  • Availability of Aeronautical Information for use in portable devices.
  • Provision of terrain and obstacles data in digital format through Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Database (e-TOD).
  • Enhanced safety levels.