Evolution of Flight Inspection and Radio monitoring Services at SISCEAB


This Project aims at modernizing the Flight Inspection and Radio monitoring capacity, to fulfill the needs of the National ATM System evolution.

Flight inspection is the in-flight investigation and evaluation, carried out by specialized aircraft and crew, of air navigation systems/aids and air navigation procedures contained in an aeronautical chart, to certify or verify that they are within the prescribed tolerances, allowing a safe operation.

Radio monitoring is the flight inspection aimed to monitor, detect, identify and/or locate radio frequencies transmitting sources.


  • Keep the aircraft and Flight Inspection Systems capable of meeting the needs of SISCEAB.
  • Reduction of logistical costs of Flight Inspection means.

Expected Benefits

  • Increased safety levels and reduced risk of Controlled Flight into Terrain (CFIT).
  • Reduction of the environmental impact related to the emission of CO2 and aeronautical noise.
  • Reduction in the workload of Flight Inspection crews.