Implementation of the SISCEAB Technical Management Center (CGTEC)


This Project aims at developing actions directed to increasing availability and improving the management of the technical and operational status of systems, equipment and networks that are components of the Brazilian Airspace Control System with the implementation of the SISCEAB Technical Management Center (CGTEC).


  • Increase the availability of equipment and systems, as well as the integrity of services and applications provided by SISCEAB.
  • Raise the level of operational performance of all SISCEAB operational units.
  • Reduce the costs involved with the maintenance and costing of SISCEAB equipment and systems, including logistical support contracts.

Expected Benefits

  • Reduced response time for equipment and systems degradation scenarios that make up the technical infrastructure of SISCEAB.
  • Increased capacity to manage and assess the quality of services provided by companies hired by DECEA or which are engaged in a partnership with this Department in logistical support.
  • Increased capacity to provide information of strategic value to DECEA, helping decision making based on technical analysis and management reports on all equipment, systems and networks that comprise SISCEAB.