Improved Airspace Surveillance


This Project aims at developing and implementing solutions directed to raising the situational awareness of Air Traffic Controllers and pilots, using ATS surveillance systems, and to increasing the exchange of surveillance data with ATS Units in neighboring countries.

ATS Surveillance Systems are those capable of providing the Air Traffic Controller in its Operational Position with real-time localization and identification data of the aircraft under his responsibility. Examples are Primary and Secondary Radars (PSR and SSR), Multilateration Systems (MLAT) and Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Systems.



  • Raise situational awareness of controllers and pilots in en-route operations, in Terminal Control Areas (TMA) and on the surface of aerodromes.
  • Increase coordination capacity between ATS Units.
  • Increase the capacity of the airspace under the jurisdiction of Brazil.

Expected Benefits


  • Enhanced safety levels.
  • Reduction of the environmental impact related to CO2 emissions.
  • Reduced workload of Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots.
  • Increased capacity for detecting and resolving traffic conflicts.
  • Increased efficiency of surface operations.