Management of the DECEA-EUROCONTROL Agreement


This Project aims at consolidating the cooperation process between DECEA and EUROCONTROL.

The cooperation between DECEA and EUROCONTROL is defined in the Agreements “Rostering, Philosophies and Tools” and “Mutual Cooperation in the Field of Air Navigation”, detailing EUROCONTROL’s support to DECEA regarding new human resource allocation philosophies and the development of decision support tools, in addition to promoting cooperation in the field of air navigation in the areas of performance measurement, data exchange and collaborative decision-making processes.



  • Increase the efficiency of the use of ATM professionals, through a more effective strategic management and the application of new tools and customized philosophies for SISCEAB.
  • Facilitate information exchange in SISCEAB’s action areas, such as performance, Collaborative Decision Making (CDM), Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) and System-Wide Information Management (SWIM).

Expected Benefits


  • Enhanced safety levels.
  • Reduction of the environmental impact related to the emission of CO2 and aeronautical noise.
  • Reduced workload of Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots.
  • Increased accessibility of Brazilian airspace.
  • Increased capacity to develop and implement projects aimed at the evolution of SISCEAB.