Increase in the Efficiency of SAR Service Provision


This Project aims at developing and implementing solutions and systems that make it possible to increase the rate of successfully finding and locating victims in SAR operations.

Aeronautical Search and Rescue activities in Brazil are the responsibility of the Aeronautics Command (COMAER), under the management of the Department of Airspace Control, and are part of the Aeronautical Search and Rescue System (SISSAR).

SISSAR activities aim at carrying out operations directed to locating and helping occupants of aircraft or vessels in distress, rescuing, and returning to safety crew members of downed aircraft or survivors of aviation and maritime accidents.


  • Increase SAR incident detection capability.
  • Reduce time to find and rescue victims of SAR incidents.

Expected Benefits

  • Enhanced safety levels in the airspace under Brazilian jurisdiction.
  • Increased efficiency of SAR operations with a consequent reduction in carbon emissions.
  • Reduction of risk rates for SAR operations.
  • Reduced workload and increased productivity of crews and professionals who work in the control and coordination of SAR operations.