Improvement of People Management at SISCEAB


This Enterprise aims to improve the management, processes and procedures related to Human Resources who support SISCEAB’s air navigation services.


  • To modernize and automate human resources management at SISCEAB, including the use of tools that allow network access.
  • To implement Competency Management through Training Trails, as an instrument to foster Human Resources training and allocation.
  • To implement computerized psychological assessment tools in the selection process for Air Traffic Controller courses, enabling the appraisal of the suitability of candidates for the activity.
  • To automate the preparation of the People Development Plan, as well as the monitoring reports of the development actions carried out by SISCEAB professionals.

Expected Benefits


  • Enhanced safety levels.
  • Optimized use of Human Resources, to reduce staff and maintaining administrative efficiency.
  • Improved quality of SISCEAB Human Resources processes with the use of computerized tools.
  • Increased level of proficiency of SISCEAB professionals.
  • Reduced attrition rate in the Air Traffic Controllers training course.