Cybersecurity Governance at SISCEAB


This Project aims at creating the conditions for continuous improvement of the defense capacity of SISCEAB’s computer systems and communications networks against cyberattacks or threats.

Cybersecurity deals with actions aimed at the security of operations, to ensure that information systems can withstand cyberspace events capable of compromising the availability, integrity, confidentiality, and authenticity of stored and processed or transmitted data and the services that these systems offer or make accessible.


  • Implement Information Security and Cyber Defense Governance at DECEA and subordinate organizations.
  • Strengthen perimeter defense at SISCEAB’s network infrastructure.
  • Improve (primary and secondary) Asset Management, Vulnerability Management, Risk Management, Resilience Management and Change Control of SISCEAB’s IT systems and networks.
  • Increase the capacity to control and handle Cybersecurity occurrences.
  • Improve the qualification and training of SISCEAB professionals in the Cybersecurity area.

Expected Benefits

  • Improved prevention, mitigation, and handling of cyberattacks or threats.
  • Development of the capability to provide a consolidated national situational view of information security.
  • Integration of Cybersecurity initiatives with other players in the sector (government agencies, suppliers, partners, etc.)
  • Enhanced cybersecurity culture among SISCEAB professionals.