GANP – Global Air Navigation Plan (Doc 9750)

The Global Air Navigation Plan (Doc 9750) is the most important strategic air navigation document issued by ICAO and the plan to drive the evolution of the global air navigation system, in line with the Global Air Traffic Management Operational Concept (GATMOC, Doc 9854) and the Manual on Air Traffic Management System Requirements (Doc 9882). It also supports local and regional implementation plans.

For better communication with technical and high-level managers and not to leave any State or any interested party behind, a multilayer structure, adapted to different audiences, was proposed for GANP’s sixth edition. This four-tier structure, with two global levels, one regional and one national, also provides a framework for the alignment of regional, sub-regional and national plans, the ASBU framework.

Access to GANP is via its portal where all relevant information can be consulted.