Strengthening Civil Aviation Security against Acts of Unlawful Interference at SISCEAB


This Project aims at ensuring the security of civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference in the activities of SISCEAB, in accordance with the guidelines set out in ICAO legislation (Annex 17 and related guidance material) and with the Brazilian Aeronautics Command (COMAER) responsibilities established in the National Civil Aviation Security Program against Acts of Unlawful Interference (PNAVSEC).


  • Keep DECEA in line with world best practices against acts of unlawful interference.
  • Fulfill the responsibilities provided for in the National Civil Aviation Security Program against acts of Unlawful Interference (PNAVSEC).
  • Improve the qualification and training of SISCEAB professionals in the security area.
  • Improve the AVSEC Integrated Management System (SIGAVSEC).
  • Implement the Security Management System (SeMS) at SISCEAB.
  • Implement the AVSEC National Quality Control Program at SISCEAB.

Expected Benefits

  • Establishment of DECEA as an active organization in the AVSEC sector in the national scenario.
  • Increased capacity to detect and reduce AVSEC anomalies and risks that may affect SISCEAB.
  • Elevation of the security culture among SISCEAB professionals.
  • Reduced time to implement corrective actions.