Increased of SISCEAB’s Safety Management


This Project aims at improving the approach to continuous monitoring of Safety, allowing enhanced performance supervision and control of the Safety Management Systems (SMS) of SISCEAB’s Air Navigation Services Providers.

Safety is the condition in which the risks of injury to people, damage to property or the environment are reduced and maintained at or below an acceptable level, through a continuous process of hazard identification and risk management.


  • Keep the SISCEAB Safety standards updated.
  • Improve the qualification and training of SISCEAB Safety professionals.
  • Improve the SISCEAB Safety Management Information System (SIGCEA).
  • Measure Safety performance at SISCEAB through Safety Performance Indicators and Targets.

Expected Benefits

  • Reduced air traffic incident investigation time.
  • Increased capacity to detect and reduce anomalies and risks that may affect Safety.
  • Reduced time to implement corrective actions and risk mitigation.
  • Implementation of changes at SISCEAB with guaranteed maintenance of acceptable Safety levels.
  • Decrease in the recurrence of air traffic incidents.
  • Development of the SISCEAB Safety Database.